An artist’s guide to getting synced

All the gear but no idea?


Find out how to get your music synced with the following advice I picked up at the 2014 Paris Sync Summit:

  • Keep your website information current and contact methods clear. If you’re handing out CDs make sure your details are on those too. Robert Kraft (Kraftbox) says it’s “astonishing” how many people don’t do this. He produced The Little Mermaid soundtrack, you should listen to him.
  • Send music supervisors stream links using sites like SoundCloud as well as download links.
  • Mary Ramos (Quentin Tarantino’s music supervisor) suggests sending an edited section of a song that you think might fit in a particular scene (especially if pitching for commercials or short durations in film/TV).
  • Mary also advises including a cover in your submission. “Supervisors are always looking for fresh takes on old songs”, she says. Just don’t be stupid and cover Led Zeppelin.
  • Peter Bradbury (Head of Music, Sky) suggests that artists should spend time editing and mastering instrumentals. Don’t just view them as the track with vocals removed.
  • Network and be personable and unique in your approach, both online and in person.
  • Make use of metadata! As Dave Philpot (Head of Sync, Believe Digital) puts it, “if it’s called ‘track one’ by ‘unknown artist’ you’re stuffed, and you’re an idiot.” Include song title, artist name, and contact details.
  • Research what movies / TV shows are in production / post-production on IMDb.
  • As Marcy Bulkeley (Music Director, Wild Card AV) says, “get specific with your pitches.” Tell us exactly what you think your music would be good for – e.g. X-Men, not just “action films” or “romantic comedies.”
  • Focus on quality not quantity – send SMALL amounts of great, dynamic music.
  • Last but not least, make sure your music is clearable before sending it. Otherwise what’s the point?

That’s it for now! More cool stuff from the Sync Summit coming soon…

E x

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