Breaking the silence


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I felt it apt to break my silence with a post about a new campaign called #UnMuteUK.

The folks at Soho Music Group (who I blogged about in February) have been working with VCCP on consumer watchdog Which?’s new digital campaign, which encourages people to  sign a petition calling on the Government to ensure that when you speak up, staff in public services listen and act on your concerns.

Soho Music introduced Which? to spoken word artist George The Poet and producer and multi-instrumentalist Jakwob, who subsequently wrote a song for the #UnMuteUK campaign entitled ‘It’s Yours.’ You can hear the first 25 seconds of the track on the petition site, but the full exclusive song will only be ‘unmuted’ when the petition reaches 50,000 signatures.

Using music as a means of protest is nothing new. But this 21st century version, featuring London’s favourite spoken word artist George the Poet, and Jakwob, best know for his remixes of Ellie Goulding, Temper Trap and his own niche label Boom Ting, is a refreshing and modern departure from the dreary likes of Live Aid. Over a backdrop of gently stirring acoustic chords, George’s lyrics empower and encourage us, rather than downright depress.

We’ve all been guilty of not complaining, either due to sheer laziness or because we simply don’t think it’ll make a difference. By calling for the UK Government to create a public services ombudsman to deal with unresolved complaints about education, health and social care, Which? is taking a huge leap forward for our benefit.

This campaign isn’t trying to be groundbreaking or clever, the point is simple and the outcome could make a big difference. As Sir John Hegarty recently told Forbes, “Music can transform a message.” This track lets you know that the power is in your hands. “It’s your prerogative” says George.

So go on, sign the petition now:

E x

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  1. Thank you Emma. We in the US could use one of those as well. Maybe more than one.

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