About Emma


Hello, my name is (you guessed it) Emma and I’ve decided to turn my love of music into something useful. So I started What Emma heard, a blog about sync music – music that is used in some sort of visual media output. So whether it’s music on adverts, films, TV shows or video games, I’ve got it covered.

As a young person working in the music business, I’m very aware of the importance of the sync market and its potential value for an artist. When used effectively, sync licensing is a mutually beneficial process: music plays a huge part in creating a brand’s identity, and the music in a film/TV show/advert can be the difference between something ok and something great.

An aspiring music supervisor, I look forward to blogging about such an interesting topic and I hope you enjoy reading my posts!

Feel free to get in touch. Tweet me @whatemmaheard or email emma.mary.griffiths@gmail.com

Connect with me on LinkedIn here – uk.linkedin.com/pub/emma-griffiths/26/777/937/

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